About Me


Liz James is an author living in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, even though for six months of the year the air there hurts her face.

Most of Liz’s day to day writing happens on her Facebook page, (which you can “like” if you want to be supportive, with virtually no consequence to you…. If you actually want to see her writing in your feed, though, you should also click the arrow beside “following” and choose “see first”).

Longer pieces and archive material of Liz’s can be found here, on her blog. Her writing also appears at the UU Hysterical Society, which is a site she runs poking light fun of her own religion. (Not the beliefs, specifically—all beliefs should be respected and who can tell what the UUs believe anyway. The site mostly makes fun of committee work).

Liz’s work has appeared in CBC’s Gallery, in UUWorld, and Braver/Wiser. Liz has also been interviewed by the media on a strange variety of topics including gardening (which she sucks at), HPV vaccines (Liz has zero medical training but many opinions, which sadly seems to be adequate qualification to speak about vaccinations in today’s society), curriculum development, and bedbugs (which is not really what you want to have come back beside your name in a google search).

Liz has been to more than a dozen cities in Canada as a speaker and Sunday Service Presenter, on topics such as money, sexuality, spirituality, and social justice. If you’re interested in having Liz come speak, use the contact form and she’ll get back to you!