About Me


This is the spot where I tell you about my credentials and my publications, and the speeches I've given and the things I've achieved.  Here goes:

Credentials:  I failed out of seminary.

Publications:  I got on the radio, once, talking about our family's bedbug infestation.

Speeches I've given:  Most of my speeches are to do with picking up after yourself around the house, delivered to an audience of one to two children.  They are not effective.  This is likely a doing-as-I-do-not-as-I-say issue.  Seminary presented a similar problem.

Achievements:  One time, a woman came up and told me in tears that a talk I gave was just what she needed to pull her through caring for her dying husband.  Another time, someone told me a story about shoplifting that he'd carried his entire life without admitting to it until he heard MY story of shoplifting.  A bunch of times, people have messaged me with little "me too"s about some thing that I wrote that was messy and out there on Facebook and left room for other people to be messy, too.

I am not a fancy writer, or a fancy speaker.  I am not spiritually enlightened or even particularly well informed.  I am just pathologically honest and in love with the world and the people in it.