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I'm so glad you want to connect!!!

The form below leads straight to my email, which is a vortex-of-no-return.  Okay, a vortex of very-slow-but-I'll-get-there-eventually-return.

Alternatively, you can head to my facebook page, where I practically live these days!  You can message me there, or you can like my page, which will cause me to die of joy because I'm counting each and every like right now!  (I'm in the early days with this blog).

Or, you can scroll down to put your email on my email list (only used for Very Special Occasions), or you can click on the thing that says "RSS feed".  I don't know what it does.  My dad asked me to add it, so I did...

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I'm so glad you want to connect!!!!  
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No, seriously, I mean it.  I don't mean "like my page where I will post promotion stuff", I mean "like my page because I am all about the conversation, not the speech, and Facebook is where this conversation started in the first place".
Seriously.  It's worth liking my page.


Or, you could subscribe to my RSS feed, which would allow magical internet elves to tell you when I post....



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I swear to all that is holy that I will only use this list when I have something really important to share!  (It will not tell you every time I post, because I cannot imagine a universe in which that would not become super annoying immediately.  Sorry mom, you will have to figure out how to use an RSS feed).