When Maasai men come of age, there are many rituals involving burning and cutting and killing a lion to prove their bravery.  Inter-tribal conflicts are a part of this process, too—kind of structured raids to steal cows.  Salaash participated in all of this, and has firsthand knowledge.  When I question him about it, he sums it up by shaking his head and saying “We were such idiots.  I am so glad my mother never found out”.  

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Still away... from the Facebook year on this day...

Post #1:  

I love the point in the party where everyone is drunk enough that my natural personality fits right in...


Post #2:

Gary is still sleeping. So I will write have to write all the New Year's Resolutions for both of us. They will be better this way anyways. Or we could do it together...  I can just see it:
Me: Facebook and I wrote the New Year's Resolutions.
Me: It's called crowd sourcing.
Me: Do you want me to just leave yours here on your bedside table, then?
Me: So, are you still sleeping? Because I'm getting kind of bored.
Gary: You could do all the dishes from the New Year's party.

Imaginary sleeping Gary has a snotty streak.


Post #3:

Me: I have a hangover.
Gary: You didn't do any drinking.
Me: I feel the way people look when they have hangovers.
Gary: Remember when I said "even though you feel a lot better, it will be easy to overdo it, and--"
Me: Dancing is exercise, and exercise is good for you. You just don't understand medicine the way I do.
Gary: Yes. You and I have very different understandings of medicine.

Gary is still asleep, so none of this conversation actually happened. Well, it did, but it happened with Gary-I-made-up, not real Gary, which in a lot of ways is better because with real Gary I have to try to manipulate the conversation so he will say the things I thought of for him to say that would be funny for my blog and he never says those things. He always says the stuff he made for himself to say.

It is possible that he and I have very different understandings of marriage, as well.

Okay I SWEAR, Gary just got up and said "I have a hangover". And I said "you didn't seem that drunk" and he said "I was on call, remember, I didn't drink anything--but I FEEL like I have a hangover". And I said. "Oh my god. Were you just on Facebook?" and he looked at me like I was absolutely nuts... the one that either means "Facebook doesn't give you hangovers" or "when have I ever gone on The Facebook?"

Or maybe it just means "please talk more quietly, I have a headache". He sometimes gives me that look.